It's all about the experience

Hey There!

It's all about your kind of love - it's the real stuff! You know, those little things you do for each other that makes your heart all fuzzy. And the kind of love that puts a smile on your face (like him bringing home your fave dessert even though you didn't hint at it).

This is your story - to be captured not for the you of today, but for the you of the future.

Recent work

Aga Khan Couples Photoshoot

Hart House Wedding

Winter Family Photos

Wednesday Q & A


Tune in to my Instagram Stories every Wednesday to learn more about photography. I will answer an audience's question related to anything photography. Seriously, you can ask me anything you like such as how to photograph food in dark restaurants, what settings to use for family photos, the gear I used for certain photos, etc. You ask it, and I'll answer it!

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“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” ― Otto von Bismarck

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