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Photographing your family means documenting these precious snap shots in life. We often times are so busy and as parents we are always the ones behind the camera. Be in the moment with your little ones, let your Toronto family photographer capture your authenticity and love. Your little ones grow up so fast and these photographs are not just for you to look back onto, they serve as prized treasures for your little one as they get older.

Photographs, with a 100% certainty, only appreciates with time.  These images are not just for you, they are captured for your future generations. 


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A bit more about me for the curious minds

I believe in love at first sight

Yup! It's true! That's how I met my husband. Our eyes locked and that was it! We've been together for 16 years and married for 10.

Family is everything

Nothing is more important than family and health. My pup is a part of my family and trust me he likes his sushi costume.

My husband does not shoot with me

I told my husband to take a photo of me and this was the image he took. Obviously he's been fired...

This is how I started

I'm just a girl who had a friend make fun of my camera that boasted an astonishing 1 inch LCD screen. The engineer in me forced me to upgrade my DSLR and I had to find ways to finance my new gear. So here I am - 7 years later and forever grateful to my friend insulted my gear and reignited my passion for photography.

Mojo has fancier birthday parties than I

Call me crazy but yes, I threw my puppy a birthday bash for his first birthday. Actually, I've thrown a party for him every year...

We love to travel!

We work hard so that our schedules are flexible enough for us to travel the world. In 2018 we travelled to: Iceland, Vegas, Portugal, California, Arizona and a Caribbean cruise.

Dream of retiring in Norway

Our 10km hike one-way to Trolltunga started at 6am in the morning. That's me standing at the very edge of the rock. Spectacular views and the adventure was worth the challenge. Nope, not afraid of heights! Bring it on!