The ‘Client Consults that Win!’ Class

Finding that AH HA moment.

I live and breathe photography and am extremely passionate about education and mentoring others. I was THAT PERSON that just sat wondering if I should leave my full-time job to follow my heart. I spent every available second weighing the pros and cons of taking that leap of faith. Trust me, I've been there before and you are not alone. We all strive towards the freedom of being our own boss, not having to worry about bookings, and just living the life that we dream of.

I've made a ton of mistakes so that you don't have to.

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Wedding planner extraordinaire - Carmen from Devoted to You

She will be sharing tips on how to win more business through vendor referrals from a wedding planner's perspective.

Love notes

Anita of Rhythm Photography’s “Client Consults that Win” class was super informative and easy to follow. She got into all the little details from the tea she serves to the handouts she provides to prospecting clients. She provides a very thorough walkthrough of her process that she’s tweaked and made work for her business through the years. Along each step of the process, she sprinkles in a lot of how she brings the theory to life in her use cases. Highly recommend those looking to start winning at their consults or to those looking to get inspired to other ways that work. – Karen Tran Photography


Anita was amazing and very informative about your workshop class. I was not expecting to receive full workflow step by step on how to connect with the client, how to sell products, and closing the consultation confidently with no being scared to showcase my pricing or any FAQ that I wouldn’t be able to answer without hesitation. One key thing I will take into consideration is first impression matter, so mini personal gift for my brides it is! – Ania Studios


I took Anita’s Client Consults that Win Class last month and it was full of information. What I enjoyed was hearing what works for Anita and how she treats her clients. She reviewed all of the things she does that translate into happy clients. I cannot wait to implement some of her strategies into my business going forward. – Robyn Russell Photography


I am so glad that I took this class. It has truly revolutionized the way I approach client consultations. Anita was so thorough and generous with the information that she provided. She was careful to answer all questions and truly gave us a glimpse into what works for her business. It was extremely informative. I am so excited to put some of her tips into practice. I highly recommend any class Anita offers. – Arynn Photography

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